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And.... Go!

Well..... fingers crossed and bated breath, as we slowly begin to watch theatre being resuscitated around the world. The West End of London is opening its doors to small houses, Broadway will be next..... God knows when Canada will start. America has kicked the Canadians out of the scene on Broadway. Seems a little petty to me. I feel for the cast of Come From Away. Probably the only Canadian work on Broadway at this specific time. Biden may as well just said ' We don't want CFA!', as he throws all his other toys out of the sandpit.

Anywho... at least things are getting going again. Now all one needs to deal with is huge bouts of FOMO (fear of missing out) syndrome as the beast that is Social Media throws the well-earned elation of the lucky ones getting their feet back in the rehearsal rooms or on the boards, in our faces.... leaving everybody else licking the proverbial windows. I cannot blame them. I would and will be exactly the same, but in the meantime, it's a tough one to watch.

Let's get back to it!!

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