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Maggie- A new musical

This year has been extraordinary. I'm not sure where to start. Ok... in the words of Julie... I'll start at the very beginning.

Last year was the return to theatre after Covid. It ranged from full fear sweats to sheer joy and everything in between. Everyone was happy to be on a stage, watching a stage, being near a stage... & generally happy to be out of the house.

This year, it's deeper. We're all cognitive of what we are doing, how precious it is, and (despite what some governments would want us to believe- thanks Boris) we are appreciated.

Being part of the new creation of Maggie has been truly joyous. Something happened on the first day of rehearsal. Yasmine Lee did something to us. We're not really sure what or how, but she somehow created a magical bond between all of us. A level of truth and honesty, that has connected us all, on cellular level. It sounds kind of hippy, but I'm serious. We shared experiences and told such deep truths about our selves that we are now, somehow.. linked. I'm not even sure if she knew what was happening to us all: whether it was just the exercises we were doing or whether it was the piece (Maggie) itself, but this group of actors are something else. Maybe it's the after covid thing... but I don't think so.

I'm proud, I'm happy, I'm grateful and I'm having the time of my life. whoever made this happen - Thank you ❤️

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